My Mission

"I am Spiritual Alchemist, Intuitive Healer, Mentor and Channel. I have the gift of Clairvoyance, Clair-sentience and Clairaudience and use these gifts in my sessions. I hear messages from higher beings in other realms which I pass onto my clients, I see past, present and future events and also into the cellular memories and DNA, and feel intuitively the truth of what is happening in a situation. This enables me to work very deeply on all levels of the mind, body and spirit - Working with the soul.

As an Alchemist I work with Sound Resonance and Light to heal trauma and emotional imprints in the mind and body. Working with Intention, and using different fractals of light coding and frequency, I am able to neutralise the stuck trauma and release it from the body.

I give Downloads and Activations, Spin vortexes through the body to accelerate the clearing of blocked energy, Re-pattern old core beliefs in the DNA and bring into the body high vibrational loving energies to transmute and transform the energy in the energetic, emotional, mental and physical bodies by clearing out the old stuck energy and emotions(from this lifetime and past lives) and raising the vibration of the body so that my clients can experience change and flow in their lives for their highest good. Through channelled wisdom, deep compassion, mastery and energy work, I assist my clients in aligning to their fullest potential and self expression.

As a Rainbow, I have the gift of high creativity and instant manifestation, and teach my groups and clients how to manifest their intentions into reality, and how to use the power we have inside of us for our highest good and creation.

The work I carry out is on a very deep cellular level, life transforming and a catalyst for change. What years of traditional therapy may take can be shifted in just a few sessions. Many new healing modalities have been downloaded to me from various Higher Beings in other dimensions and through Astral Travel, I take individuals and groups to higher dimensions to receive healing in Healing Temples and Chambers of Unconditional Love using Advanced Light Technology in the 9th, 11th and 15th Dimensions. This is an incredibly powerful healing experience for the soul and releases lifetimes of emotional trauma, as beings in the higher dimensions live beyond illness and disease and have the tools to assist humanity to break free from limitation.

I have come to Earth to assist the planet in it's ascension process to higher vibrations of love and light. My body is a transmitter of pure crystalline light and unconditional love and I am here to transmit this beautiful light technology to all beings on Earth and help them raise their vibration. By transmitting the pure high vibrational light from Source into the body, it begins to activate and awaken ancient wisdom that lies hidden and dormant within our being and within our DNA. The voice activates, the heart transmits the higher vibrational light and the soul begins to respond as it recognises the pure light of love at it's deepest core level - at a soul level.

Unconditional Love is the greatest healer of all. It is the most powerful force in the Universe. Unconditional love aligns the soul to re-member it's truth, that we are eternal, everlasting, whole and complete. We came from love, we came from light, we are on a journey of 'reawakening' and 'remembering' our truth as the planet ascends to higher vibrations.

As Human Beings we have forgotten our Galactic Heritage and where we come from. We have forgotten the amazing abilities that we once used. We are not alone in the Universe, and there is so much help and support from higher beings in other dimensions during this time of transition.

We are here to assist you in reconnecting with your truth and your heritage. It doesn't matter what your story is, I see the truth of your soul, I see the pure soul within. My role is to help you release the outer layers of pain, trauma, negative emotions, stagnant energy, old belief patterns and programs (ancestral, cultural, societal, karmic), in order to help empower you to understand and appreciate the true beauty of your soul, your creative gifts and abilities that lie hidden within your being. The journey truly begins with the journey within....

I work with an array of incredible and beautiful Higher Beings from the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters, Many Star Collectives, Powerful Divine Feminine Goddesses and many other beings from many other dimensions. We are a team to bring healing and light to the planet and to anchor a new consciousness onto the planet by bringing through the highest vibration and energy of unconditional love, joy, abundance, balance, inner peace and freedom. This energy has the power to heal and release illness and disease from the body, old core beliefs and limiting life patterns that limit a person from achieving their full potential in life and living a joyful and fulfilled life. 

I believe every human being has a unique gift that they bring to this world. It just needs to be uncovered and awakened. 

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and we come to experience life on this planet through emotions (energy-in-motion). Once we understand the patterns of our life that have kept us stuck and the emotions we came to experience we can let them go and start to flow with life again.

When we raise our vibration and frequency through energy healing and release work, we attract more positive circumstances, experiences, opportunities and people into our lives.



For many years Neelam worked as a CFO and Director in the corporate world of Chartered Accountancy. Life was stressful and highly pressurised with deadlines, budgets and the high demands of the corporate world often working 24 hours straight to have results ready to meet US deadlines.  When life circumstances and pressures exacerbated, she experienced a painful personal struggle that culminated in a profound awakening and realisation of her soul gifts. Life took her on a journey of curiosity and exploration to re-discover the truth of her soul, why she was here and what she had come to do.

"I always had a deep gut feeling that I had forgotten something very important and that I had come to Earth to do something very important but could not remember what it was. I always felt like I was from somewhere else... Meditation came into my life at a point in my life where I was at a crossroads, feeling stuck and so lost ... and it opened up many beautiful doors and pathways of exploration for me. As I raised my vibration, I started to remember the gifts of my soul.

I now combine my psychic ability with various intuitive healing techniques and Alchemy tools to help others in their own personal struggle and journey. By tapping into a person's energy field, I am able to identify life patterns, belief programs and stagnant emotions that keep my clients in a never ending cycle of repetitive emotional and behavioural responses which prevent them from moving on and achieving a more fulfilling life."

A key element in the healing process undertaken by Neelam is that she is able to identify the root cause of the emotional trauma that is stored in the cellular memories. Very often she will be taken back to a past life or childhood memory to clear and release from that point in time.

Our cellular memories store emotions and traumas from our past lives and childhood. It is important to come to an understanding of what these emotions came to teach us as they impact on our everyday decisions in life. How we live, how we react, how we behave in certain situations. When we clear these emotions through healing the root cause, changes are made at a core cellular level that have the ability to completely free us from our limiting life patterns once and for all.

At the very core of our being we are energy. Our body is made up of the emotional, the energetic, the mental and the physical body. In our Western World, the focus is on the physical body...waiting for an illness to manifest in the physical or mental body, and then trying to cut it out or treat it with medication ie. Anti-depressants for depression, blood pressure tablets for blood pressure, insulin for diabetes, radio-therapy/ chemo for cancer etc.

The Eastern World understands however that you must work with the life force energy (chi or prana) to heal physical, emotional and mental conditions in the body.

99% of dis-ease in the body is due to a stagnation and blockage of energy and emotional (energy in motion) trauma which then manifests into a physical or mental condition, presenting itself as an illness or dis-ease. It is the body's way of giving us a warning that there is energy trapped here... look at it. But we do not understand, and we go and get medication to numb the pain. The emotions are still there brewing under the surface, we have not actually got rid of the problem just suppressed it.

Neelam works with her clients healing and releasing emotional wounds in their cellular memories. Clearing up the traumas so they do not manifest into a physical or mental condition. 

"If we do not take a weed out from the root, it will always re-grow. You can trim it and cut it down as much as you like, but if you do not remove the root you will never remove the weed. The same applies to dis-ease in the body , negative core beliefs and limiting life patterns."

I work with my clients from the root. We work from the inside out and not from the outside in. It is the only way for the body to truly heal and make peace with its past."


Quantum Alchemy, Healing, Sound Resonance, EFT, Group Energy Transmissions and Channelled Guided Meditations are catalysts for change. They work with physical, emotional and karmic imbalances as well as ancestral issues throughout time and space. 

Neelam has a very loyal client base both in the UK and Globally.

Her work has spread far and wide mainly through word of mouth and recommendations.