Energy Transmission - Ancient Egypt MP3 Download


Energy Transmission - Ancient Egypt MP3 Download


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  1. Goddess Isis Transmission – WOMEN ONLY (44:44)

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Journey with Goddess Isis To Ancient Egypt – Women Only Transmission

In this transmission we will be working with Goddess Isis. Together we will take you on a journey to Ancient Egypt to her sacred chambers and temples of unconditional love. Here you will experience the sacred rituals of Egyptian times, be nurtured, bathed in waters infused with rose petals and essential oils, and receive healing and release and activations to prepare you for your sacred work here on Earth.(This will be done through a journey of deep meditation and visualisation with channelled healing throughout).

I deeply resonate with Goddess Isis as she is the Goddess of Balance, Creation, Fertility and Healing. She was the ideal mother, wife, matron of nature, magic and rebirth. She was believed to have super-natural powers of healing. She empowered women to balance all aspects of their lives and to activate their sacred gifts and intuitive powers.

In this transmission, past memories of lifetimes in Ancient Egypt will be activated as Goddess Isis will speak to your soul and channel love and healing into your being. It is time to re-member that you are beautiful, sensual, soft, nurturing, highly creative, intuitive and powerful. To embrace your innate gifts and your female form in every way and free yourselves from guilt, shame, suppression and inadequacy in anyway.

We look forward to taking you on this journey.

Client Testimonials:

“I found it very difficult to stand bare and see myself in my flesh, all the emotions of guilt, shame, not being good enough, not deserving of love etc came up for me… I felt movement of energy in my sacral, I felt so held in this sacred space and slowly relaxed to release and let go. Lots of tears, but magical journey. Thank you from the depths of my heart… your voice transported me to a magical place”. AM xxx

“As we stood at the entrance of the temple, uncontrollable tears started to stream down my face.. it felt as if I had come home. This was truly a sacred journey for me. I could smell the incense, see the chambers so clearly and the hieroglyphics on the walls. Thank you so much for taking me home. Your voice is truly stunning. It held me in love, so deeply healing for my soul.” Sarah