Healing Meditations - MP3 Download & Free E-Book


Healing Meditations - MP3 Download & Free E-Book


Track Listing

  1. Unconditional Love

  2. Chakra Chakra Meditation Journey

  3. Connecting With Our Heart and Higher Self

  4. Organ Healing Meditation

  5. Prayer and Invocation

  6. Manifestation and Abundance Meditation

  7. The Goddess Comes To Visit - The Rise of the Feminine Heart

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Neelam has the ability to transmit healing and love through her voice and her meditations. The Soul recognises her voice and melts into the energy of love and oneness of the Universe. Her voice activates and awakens the soul on a very deep level, and her heart transmits the pure light of healing. This energy is channelled into each and every meditation and can be felt throughout the album.

As an Alchemist, sound is very important to her. In this album she uses a blend of different sounds from the hauntingly stunning, heart opening and mesmerizing sound of the Indian Flute, to the pitter patter of the Tabla Drum, to deeply relaxing Chimes and Koshi Bells, the beautiful energizing sounds of the Ocean Waves tantalising and touching all the different senses in the body, whilst she takes you on a deep meditation journey with her voice and energy healing.

What people are saying about the album

Neelam words cannot describe how beautiful your meditation album is. Absolutely love it. Didn’t want it to end. S.P

Wow!! Blown away, your voice is incredible Neelam… I couldn’t hold back my tears, so deeply healing. Thank you from the depths of my heart. Paula.

What people say about Neelam’s Meditations and Voice -

‘You have such a beautiful voice. If I were to imagine an Angel’s voice, it would sound like this'. Anthony

'Your Meditations got me through my darkest days and gave me hope'. David

'Your voice is so calming, it soothes my soul'. Angie

'When I am stressed your voice brings me back to my centre'. Kate

'Last year I experienced panic attacks and hearing Neelam’s voice was the only thing that calmed me down'. Becky

'We fall asleep to your voice and meditations every night'. Alison

"Neelam's Meditations are so nourishing for my soul and connect me to a very deep part within me" Liz