Having worked as a Chartered Accountant and CFO in the corporate world for many years for large blue chip companies such as IBM and EXXON. Leading senior management teams was not only highly pressurised but also extremely stressful. Often working very long hours to produce results in time for our American counterparts.

Stress can cause so much damage to our body and have a huge impact on our outer lives. It is so important to have a healthy relaxed mind and body so that we can maximise our full potential in all aspects of our lives. I completely understand the pressures staff and managers are under to produce results on time and the knock on effects it can have on the mind and body. I now teach corporates about meditation to reduce stress in the workplace, and help individual groups access their true creative potential through channelled meditations.

Unlocking our creativity is the key to success. Having a balanced mind and body is essential for optimum performance at work.

If I had the tools I have today at my disposal, my experience at work would have been very different.