Journey To The 9th and 11th Dimension With The Arcturians

The Arcturians are incredible unconditionally loving Higher Beings who have transcended illness and dis-ease in the body and live in the higher 5th, 9th and 11th Dimensions in a space of peace, love and unity consciousness. In this session depending on what the body needs we will journey through deep guided meditation up to the 9th dimension or 11th dimension to receive healing to regenerate and reactivate the cellular structures and DNA in the healing chambers of unconditional love. Messages from the Arcturians are channelled to my client with the healing energies.

Unconditional love is the most beautiful and pure love and we are only just beginning to experience this on our planet as we make our ascent to the higher vibrations. The light and sound frequencies used by the Arcturians in their healing chambers clear deep emotional imprints and trauma, and regenerate and reactivate the cellular structures and DNA. Our DNA strands lie dormant and compressed emotional imprints get trapped in our spine. As we bathe in the healing chambers of light and raise the vibrational frequency of the body we can release these emotions to embrace and awaken our truth, and release blocked energy from the body with the incredible technology of light and unconditional love from the Arcturians.

This is a very powerful healing journey and clients have experienced lumps on the body disappearing after receiving healing in the healing chambers of the 9th and 11th dimensions.

Session time : 1 Hour - 1.5 Hours - From £120 - £150 (In person or Skype)