Here is my latest channelling from Mother Gaia, calling on all the women of the world to awaken and remember just how beautiful they are. 

To restore peace on our planet it is our duty as awakened human beings to empower the women of our world to bring back equality in every way and set women free from dogma and the imprisonment of societal, religious, cultural and ancestral rules, laws and beliefs that have trapped them from expressing their true selves.

It has triggered me to create a new series of workshops for women to show them who they are beyond their human identity. We will be working with the empowered goddesses and Mother Gaia and going on a powerful journey together to empower women. These will be scheduled from September onwards. I am very excited about creating these new transmissions and can't wait to begin the journey.

We are ascending as a planet and this issue cannot be brushed under the carpet anymore. Everything is coming up to be looked at and cleared... freeing women and protecting children is a HUGE part of it. As we evolve and move to 5D ... men and women are one...all are equal and peace, love and harmony will be our natural state.

Nikola Tesla - Awaken To Your Truth

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest inventors of his time. He was so ahead of his time, so incredibly awakened, having gained such amazing knowledge about light, energy, and frequency.

He dedicated his entire life to creation and never married. His passion was to invent. Tesla’s inventions are still very much in use to this day. He designed the first AC Hydroelectric power plant at Niagra Falls. He was famous for the “Tesla Coil” which is still used in radio technology today.

He was obsessed with the wireless transmission of energy and he understood how to harness universal energy. Tesla had a great plan to build a global wireless communication system to be transmitted through a large electrical tower for sharing information, and providing free electricity throughout the world.

He stated that “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. He always said to create … be alone, that is when ideas are born”. I totally agree!

Tesla was about to reveal his new technology to help humanity access free energy and free electricity so that we wouldn't remain trapped in the system. He had developed technology that could harness this energy for our evolution but he was seen as a threat by those who wanted control over the people and so he was removed and poisoned. Well ... he is back, and working from a higher dimensional vibration and he has much work and knowledge to bring through to help with our Ascension Process.

The Arcturian Council from the 9th Dimension - Healing Chambers of Unconditional Love

The Arcturian Council from the 9th Dimension - Our Healing Chambers of Unconditional Love

Greetings dear ones, We are the Arcturian Council from the 9th Dimension. We welcome you to our dimension - the vibration of unconditional love and alchemy. We are here in love and support for your ascension journey. We invite you to visit our healing chambers to help with your ascension journey. Our healing chambers vibrate at a very high frequency of unconditional love. This vibration has the power to transmute and transform dis-ease and illness from the body and suppressed emotions that become trapped in your cellular makeup and DNA.

Channelled by Neelam Minocha

11:11 Gateway Meditation - Portal to Divine Love

11:11 Gateway Meditation - Portal to Divine Love - Connecting to our Higher Selves and Source Energy.

After all the mixed emotions of the Presidential Elections, today is a beautiful day to bring yourself back to your centre... Back into your own light and to focus within to see what and why you were triggered by all the commotion of the results.

The 11:11 Stargate has opened a portal in the earths astral plane with powerful photonic light streaming into Earth. During these gateways the veils between the dimensions are very thin, allowing us to hear our messages, set our intentions and manifest what we desire.

A meditation to help you connect to the divine love and light that surrounds you, a portal and a bridge to higher consciousness and awareness. Enjoy and embrace the energies of this beautiful day.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Healing Meditation

June 2016 holds the energy of "LOVE", lovers and relationships, spiritual love, love for yourself, balance and harmony. It is all about the Divine Masculine and The Divine Feminine merging into harmony and sacred union. It is a very important month to transform your fate into your destiny. To speak your truth with love, with authenticity and let your inner voice shine without fear. Making choices in your life and honouring who you really are, rather than who you think you should be. It is a time to remove our masks and cloaks that we wear to feel 'accepted' by the outside world and let our souls shine through.

In this beautiful meditation, you will experience the play of Masculine and Feminine Energies. We have both within us. Our Feminine Energy is nurturing, creative, intuitive, sensitive, comforting, caring, compassionate, loving and kind. Our Masculine Energy is our focus, drive, direction, strength, independence, courage and ambition. When these energies are out of balance within us it creates unhealthy boundaries in relationships, trust issues, neediness, control issues and power struggles.

As we heal these wounded parts of ourselves, our yin and yang energies, we bring back balance, harmony and wholeness within, creating healthy relationships all around.

Everything in our life is a reflection of our inner world. Once we heal these energies within, we heal outside of ourselves too.

A beautiful healing meditation for you. As you listen to our voices you will receive healing energy and balancing within. Relax into a quiet space , close your eyes and receive. xxx

Channelled by Neelam Minocha and Rob Bwoakye