The Energy Of 2018 - The Year Of The Butterfly


This year of 2018 already is feeling like a year of opportunity. Time to use our wings to fly. The year of the butterfly. When a butterfly emerges from its cocoon, it can no longer hide away. It has a richness of colour and beauty which is meant to be seen ... it's beauty is meant to shine. A butterfly was born to fly.

This goes for all of us, if you have been hiding your gifts in the cupboard and not really giving yourselves permission to follow your joy and come out and shine, then now is your time. This is the year that you get to show off your gifts and come out of hiding.

Ask yourselves what intentions you will be setting for yourselves. Ask yourselves if you are happy going in the direction you are going for the next 9 years. If not, now is the time to make those changes. Your life flows where your energy goes. Where does your energy want to go?

2018 many souls will start to believe in their soul gifts and step into their empowerment. Opening the heart chakra and third eye. We have so much support from our spirit guides and angels, it's about trusting the messages that come through and taking action.

2018 is about moving into our heart space, moving into empowerment, having more compassion for one another. As the energy and vibration on earth continues to ascend, more and more souls will be awakening and asking questions, reflecting, searching, wanting their own freedom, and seeking like minded souls who bring out the best in them and moving away from ones who make them feel small and insecure.

As we open our hearts, the energy of love will spread, more lights will be switched on, and there will be more unity based projects happening in the world. More charity work, seeing all people around the globe through the eyes of love and compassion and wishing to help others. There is so much change that is coming but it is all good.

Old systems will continue to crumble as more and more people will be able to see through the deception and control and fear based tactics. More and more high vibrational children are coming onto our planet each and every day. Many of them connect with me in my dreams ... they let me know that they are on their way and to keep an eye on them on this earth plane. I have many beautiful children flooding to me every day who need support and guidance as they struggle under the current system.

I see more care for the environment. Using solar energy, and recycling of goods. I see people caring for one another. I see abundance coming in all ways and that makes my heart sing with joy. I see beautiful things ahead of us. Realignment will continue to take place and souls will continue to learn their soul lessons, but there will be so many resources for them to be supported on their journey of growth as more and more individuals step out and express their beautiful gifts to share with the world.

Wishing you all lots of joy, passion, abundant love and manifestation on your magical journey.

The journey begins with you, the magic starts when you say YES to life.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our magical events.  

Love and blessings. 

Neelam xxxxx

The Energy of Unconditional Love by Neelam Minocha

What is the one thing that connects us all?

Judgment cuts the flow of love,

Criticism sabotages our experiences

Blame creates enemies and not allies

Fear traps us …  it does not set us free

What is it that we all yearn for from each other? What is it that we yearn for from ourselves?

What is it that binds us as one?

What is it that removes separation, competition, judgment, lack, frustration, anger, sadness … what is it that we all seek?

It is love

It is love

It is love…

If I were to tell you that beautiful bird that you see on that branch of that tree is a reflection of you… what would you say? Beautiful…

If I told you that stunning sunset in the evening sky is a part of you… what would you say? Wow! Stunning!

If I were to say you are the ocean, the mountains, the lakes and the trees. You are the sunset and the sunrise and the birds and the bees ..what would you say?

Is it possible that you could be these things? You may say to yourselves, how can I be these things.. they are beautiful. We do not see this beauty in ourselves, we forget that we are all different forms of the divine in physical expression playing out different roles, and wearing different masks. Strip it all back and there is only love, purity and peace.

Love is the driving force that brought us here – to find again in the maze, the fog, the illusion of life. We came to find the love. We searched and we seek'd and we lost our way, we looked high and we looked low … we looked everywhere out there, but we forgot to in here… inside. It was hiding there all along, our joy, our peace, our power, our love. It was within all along.

You may seek happiness, and love in another, and it will bring you joy, but the ultimate joy and peace comes from in here, when we accept ourselves once more, when we love ourselves once more, and when we can look in the mirror and see the divine smiling and looking back at us. When we can see the light.

We came here to find love. We came to experience pain, separation, heart ache, and loss to ultimately  help us remember that it is love that heals all.

If there is no fear, there is only love, joy, expansion in all ways. Love sets us free.

We forget when we come here and we get stuck in our stories, in our pain, in the race of the ego mind. We get trapped in own stories and scripts and we forget the one thing that will take us home and bring us back to our truth and our light.

 It is LOVE

So this evening I am going to connect you back to your beautiful hearts Underneath all our wounds, pain, sadness and anger there is only love. Let us remember.

The only way we can share this love with others is if we have remembered it ourselves. Its time to receive and fill your being, every cell, every organ and energy centre with unconditional love.

This space will be held for you to lighten your load, to surrender in all ways and receive. It is ok to receive and focus on yourself… It is not selfish.

Transparency in all ways heals the soul. Loving with an open heart frees our soul.

How often do we say to ourselves “I Love you?” How often do we say to our pain “I hear you”, How often do we say to our emotions – “I sit with you, I process you, I give you freedom to release and be understood.”

How often do we sit and stop and focus within. Create balance and we grow.

Sometimes we are afraid of love, of opening our heart. Old wounds surface where we were hurt, abandoned, left without answers. Sometimes it hurts to open our heart … to trust and feel those old wounds. Let them come up, face them so that you can be free.

In fear we withdraw and become small, we hide we hurt.

In love we expand, we grow, we open and we heal.

Love is the most powerful healer of all. Love is the most powerful force in the universe.

Let us breathe and bathe in this energy that says to every cell in our being “I am love, I am love, I am love”

The energy of unconditional love will heal and dissolve your pain, will heal and dissolve your problems, and will heal and dissolve your fears.

Need does not set us free, it is conditional, only love does. Unconditional love.

When there are conditions, there is expectation, disappointment, frustration.

Unconditional love lifts our vibration. Unconditional Love asks for nothing in return.

It releases illness and disease from the body

It heals the soul. We are born with love, and fear is what we learn.

Let us remember and fill ourselves with this love that is bountiful, beautiful, abundant in all ways. Overwhelming, nurturing, nourishing. Let us taste this love so that we never retreat to need. Let us remember….



Full Moon Transmissions – Working With Dolores Cannon, Masaru Emoto And Nikola Tesla - Activating and Awakening our DNA

Hey my lovelies, I hope you have all been well and embraced the energies of the New Moon on Sunday. It was also a time of celebration amongst Hindus and Sikhs as candles were lit all over the world celebrating Diwali - The Festival of Lights.

I am feeling strongly guided to write today and share some important information with you all as we begin to work with these beautiful beings of light. Sharing information and knowledge is key to our evolution and transformation. I am being guided to share the following information with you all to help you gain clarity and understanding of the work that we are currently doing in the transmissions and the ones to come in the future months.

Dolores Cannon, Dr Masaru Emoto, and Nikola Tesla – 3 incredible souls who made such a monumental difference to our world. Deep gratitude goes out to them for their pioneering ways of taking energy work forward. They will be working with me over the coming months to awaken and activate our light within.


Dolores Cannon passed away on Oct 18th 2014

Dolores Cannon was a pioneer in the field of past life regression work, and developed the QHHT technique – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. In her sessions with her clients, she was able to take individuals beyond the conscious mind and deep into the subconscious where they had access to everything. She was able to bring through knowledge from this place to help teach and heal emotional wounds and negative belief systems that trapped the mind, body and soul. She helped thousands of clients around the world. She wrote many books, and travelled all over the world teaching, speaking and sharing her wisdom. She truly lived her passion in every moment of her awakened life.

Dolores said that the awakening is the purpose. Awakening of the fact that in essence, we are light, we are love. The power source that runs all life is light. So to awaken to that knowledge, and to desire to operate in that realm, and to believe that it is possible. 

Masaru Emoto passed away on Oct 17th 2014

 Dr Masaru Emoto was a Japanese author, researcher and photographer. His pioneering work demonstrated the effects of vibration and consciousness upon water. He claimed and documented how human consciousness had an effect on the molecular structure of water. He showed through his photographic images how the words we use affect the water crystals in our body. He observed that as we are made up of 70% water, our thoughts, words, emotions, and also music directly affected our bodies. He concluded that if all the people in the world could have love and gratitude in their hearts, the pristine beauty of the earth would once again return. He believed that we could heal ourselves, and our planet, which is also made up of 70% water, by consciously expressing love and goodwill. He believed that water held within it the wisdom of the Universe, and we all had access to it. 

By holding, thinking, speaking and acting with the intention of peace towards water, water could bring peace to our bodies, and the world.

“To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature and life itself.”


Nikola Tesla passed away on Jan 7th 1943

 Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest inventors of his time. He was so ahead of his time, so incredibly awakened, having gained such amazing knowledge about light, energy, and frequency.

He dedicated his entire life to creation and never married. His passion was to invent. Tesla’s inventions are still very much in use to this day. He designed the first AC Hydroelectric power plant at Niagra Falls. He was famous for the “Tesla Coil” which is still used in radio technology today.

He was obsessed with the wireless transmission of energy and he understood how to harness universal energy. Tesla had a great plan to build a global wireless communication system to be transmitted through a large electrical tower for sharing information, and providing free electricity throughout the world.

He stated that “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. He always said to create … be alone, that is when ideas are born”. I totally agree!

Tesla was about to reveal his new technology to help humanity access free energy and free electricity so that we wouldn't remain trapped in the system. He had developed technology that could harness this energy for our evolution but he was seen as a threat by those who wanted control over the people and so he was removed and poisoned. Well ... he is back, and working from a higher dimensional vibration and he has much work and knowledge to bring through to help with our Ascension Process.

The message from Tesla, Dolores, Emoto and all Higher Dimensional Beings of light to Humanity is “AWAKEN … AWAKEN … AWAKEN – Remember who you are”


Emotional Stress and Negative Belief Patterns and Programs

 Emotional stress can become stored in the bones and it blocks our flow, and becomes trapped in the body, especially in the Spine, The Pineal Gland and The Hypothalamus.

This repression and suppression of emotions causes illness and dis-ease in the body and mind and blocks our energetic flow. By raising our vibration, by releasing the stress-based emotions that are stored within our bodies, by releasing the negative belief systems and fear-based emotions which block our freedom, we start to awaken. These limitations are causing our DNA to remain inactive. We must release, heal and let go of these fear based emotions so that we can move towards higher planes of consciousness.


Everything is Energy

Everything is energy. We have a choice in every moment of every day. We can choose to remain trapped by our stories and continue to be a victim of our life, or we can choose to transcend the illusion, to empower ourselves and to raise our vibration higher and beyond our stories and the dramas of our day to day lives as this keeps us trapped in our 3D system. We must free ourselves from all ancestral, religious, societal and karmic beliefs and imprints and create our own belief systems, which match our own inner truth.

Listen to your intuition, listen to your heart and trust that inner knowing, your own internal satnav that is continually trying to guide you and align you to your souls destiny.

It is important that we connect to our heart centre, our truth, our Higher Selves, and Source Energy. We must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration as that is what we are.


Awakening and Activating the Pineal and Hypothalamus Glands

 Pineal Gland

The Pineal Gland is located in the centre of the brain in the Epithalamus, and is in the shape of a pinecone. It affects how we think and feel. It determines our stress levels, hormone levels, and physical performance.

By activating the pineal gland we wake up our energy levels. Meditation is key to help wake up this gland. By cleaning up and activating this gland, it helps us develop our multidimensional perception. An awakened pineal gland brings the ability to consciously astral travel, explore other dimensions, foresee the future, and receive communications from higher dimensional beings.

We are designed to be visionaries, to be able to tap into information from other dimensions but we are trapped in a system that makes us left-brain thinkers rather than right brain intuitive, creative beings.

We must move beyond fear and ego, heal our suffering, resolve our conflicts and karmic patterns with love, forgiveness and compassion, and raise our vibration to move beyond our stories. We must operate from our right brains to access our truth and our multi-dimensional abilities.



The Hypothalamus is also found in the brain. It is known as the ‘Master Gland’.

It regulates emotions such as fear, rage and anger. By activating and balancing this gland we awaken aspects of ourselves that merge the physical and the spiritual. By regulating our emotions we release stress, anger and negative imprints that deeply affect our bodies and lives. This gland is very responsive to light and so when we work with energy and light activations, the hypothalamus responds beautifully. Kundalini yoga and meditation also help with the balancing of this gland.



I do a lot of work with the Chakra System. In fact when I began to awaken I remember having an ‘aha’ light-bulb moment and telling everyone... “It’s all about the chakras.” I still feel the same to this day and it has always been of utmost importance for me to balance, open and align the energetic body through the chakra system for my clients and groups.

When chakras are out of balance it affects the free flow of energy through our energy centers and so the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of ourselves become out of balance, creating stagnation, blockages, emotional, mental and physical issues and ill health.

We have seven endocrines each one related to one of the seven chakras. If one of the endocrines is not working properly, it affects all the others too, especially the pituitary and hypothalamus.

The proper functioning of our endocrine system is essential to balance all the corresponding chakras, which then creates the potential for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transcendence and enlightenment.

DNA Activations

 Our DNA is the blueprint of our life, and exists inside each of our cells. Each DNA strand corresponds to a dimensional band of consciousness. Our DNA template is made up of 12 strands. This is representative of the 12 dimensions of consciousness. The 12th dimension is Source. Most of Humanity is only operating on 3 or 4 strands of DNA, which only enables one to live in a state of 3rd and 4th dimensional reality. This is a very dense state and traps the soul from experiencing other realities.

The other DNA strands lie dormant, compressed and trapped by emotional imprints in the cellular memories and negative core beliefs, which dictate our lives. Once activated humanity starts to awaken, evolve from a denser state of reality to a higher state becoming more crystalline and moving towards a lighter body, which is ultimately what we are – an energy light body.

Our ultimate aim here on earth is to eventually evolve from a 3rd dimensional duality system (of separation, ego and fear) and move towards unity, love and compassion and become one with Source.

As human beings we have forgotten that we are the writers of our scripts; that we have co-created every experience we are exposed to, that we are energy and we must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

We have forgotten that we are limitless beings, we are magical manifestors, we are creative alchemists. The system keeps us trapped from believing in our own truth and power. Our stories keep us trapped in our victim mentality.

We are now removing these blocks through high energy healing work. This will begin to rewire our circuits, help us access and activate our soul identities, and our avatar abilities … and yes… we ALL have these. We are just at different stages of awareness.

We are here to help you to awaken to your truth, your full potential and your beautiful multidimensional gifts and talents which are lying dormant within your being.

Are you ready to awaken …

Energy Transmissions and High Energy Healing Work

Transmissions are exactly like a wireless communication system… people connect in from all over the globe… and for the length of the transmission, a person will receive the full energy transmission no matter what time zone they are in. Energy transmissions work instantly. There is no limitation whatsoever of time and space. One receives a direct line of energy.

When I channel energy through my transmissions,  I become a tower of energy, a conduit of universal light, bringing through light and love into the whole room and to all those individuals who are connecting in remotely. The energy that is received carries higher wisdom, universal intelligence, a high frequency of light, healing and unconditional love to awaken and activate individuals to start remembering their inner truth and divine soul blueprint. These high-energy transmissions light up our insides, just like a house receiving electricity and being lit. It enables us to see clearly beyond the fog of the illusion. Science and Spirituality are so inter-connected and are here to work together to help humanity evolve.

 I love energy transmissions, as they are a way of harnessing the universal energy through the body, becoming a vessel and a conduit of light, where anyone from around the globe can be connected in to receive the transmission, very much like Tesla’s global wireless communication system. A transmission of energy works in exactly the same.

When it comes to energy, there is no limitation of time and space, and everything is happening now, and everything is possible if we believe.

If we as human beings understood just how powerful we are, we could light up the whole world with our own energy. This is the vision that I often see in my dreams, an interlinked network of human light beams crisscrossing the globe and lighting up the earth with love, peace, and compassion, raising the energy levels and vibration of the planet for other lightworkers to awaken and come together and to awaken the people of this planet to their truth, their multidimensional gifts and talents and to work together to make our world stronger, brighter, more authentic and peaceful and compassionate. One day I believe this will become a reality.

It doesn’t matter who you work with.. Galactic Beings, Ascended Masters, Guides. The message coming through so strongly is this…

“Awaken, Activate, Evolve to a Higher State of Consciousness. Do everything in your power to find your truth, to raise your vibration, frequency and energy levels. Activate your light bodies. Remember who you are. Remember your gifts and talents. Live your life to your full potential. Find your passion and align yourselves with your souls blueprint. The time is NOW. Awaken… Awaken… Awaken dear ones… we are with you.”


I hope you find this information helpful and brings light to help you all awaken your own personal light so that we can all shine brightly in our world.

Sending lots of love, light and blessings,

Neelam xxxx









My work with Dolores Cannon, Dr Emoto and Nikola Tesla

It was in July of this year that my communication started with Dolores Cannon. I started to see her in my visions and receive messages from her. I knew that in August I had to be completely still and shutdown all forms of distraction, social media and communication with the outside world. It was time to go within as I was sensing a huge wave of change that was on its way for me… I needed to listen to hear the guidance that was coming through from the Universe.

Dolores was very active in my visions and we started to communicate. She would wake me up in the early hours of the morning and was very persistent for me to create something. I was guided to create a series of transmissions clearing all negative imprints and negative core beliefs from the roots of our being, which meant going back to past life and childhood traumas to bring up the issues, the deeply ingrained belief systems, programs and patterns that block our flow and transition from our 3rd Dimensional duality system into the 5th Dimensional World.

The way to do this is to go back to the roots of emotional issues and imprints in our cellular memories and release them from there. Starting at the root and working up through the chakras.

The series was created and we ran our first event on Oct 17th 2016 working with the Root Chakra, our core, our sense of safety and security. This date kept flashing into my head so strongly, so I listened and acted and the event was scheduled for this day.

I also felt on this transmission that it was essential that we work with water, intention and prayer. It was only during the evening that it was brought to my attention that Dr Emoto actually died on this very day two years earlier Oct 17th 2014. Wow! I was blown away. 
What a beautiful opportunity we had been given to honour and remember him on this day.

Dr Emoto had been coming into my visions too for about a week or so as had Nikola Tesla. At first I did not understand the connection or why I was seeing them. It was only the following day after the transmission that everything started to fit into place and make sense to me.

I was woken up at 5am the following morning and I saw them again in my visions but this time all three of them were sitting around a table and they wanted to have a chat with me, and so the communications began. They asked me to come on board with them and work with them to activate the DNA strands that lie dormant in our energetic light bodies, which once activated will awaken humanity and unlock the keys to our ascension and give us access to the different dimensions, awaken our power, our knowledge and the rememberance of our multidimensional gifts. This is something that I have been working towards for the last few years with my groups and one to one sessions and it is something that I am very passionate about. I have always felt since my awakening that this was my mission here on earth.

These three beautiful souls spent their entire awakened life here on earth helping humanity evolve. Eating, breathing and sleeping their passion, inorder to make a difference in the world. They helped thousands and thousands of people around the globe whilst they were in human form, and they are very much together in the spirit world and are continuing their work from the higher dimensions.

I am in the process of creating the first event working with sound resonance and frequency, water and light and will have this event on meetup over the next few days. These will begin on May 10th on the full moon, bringing in the energy and wisdom of these beautiful souls to work with the group during the transmissions.

I am deeply honoured, grateful and very excited to be working with them. We are moving into very new and exciting times, and working with energy in lots of new and exciting ways. I will continue to tune in and bring through the energy work and information that they wish to share with us all.


Today I want to talk about Cancer. I wanted to speak about this subject two years ago, but I didn’t feel people were ready to look at cancer from another viewpoint. Social Media now enables information to be filtered through faster and is helping raise awareness and bring through light rather than being fed by what the media tells us, and what the big advertising campaigns feed our brains using powerful repetitive words, which the brain then ends up believing.

Energies for 2016

Energies for 2016

2016 holds the energy of 'ACTION'. Energetically, it is the year of endings and new beginnings. We will be clearing up or closing things that no longer support our truth and vibration. There will be a lot of cleansing going on in the early part of the year... Clearing office space, cleansing and detoxing the body, clearing of our homes, getting rid of furniture, old clothes etc. A real need to energetically 'let go' of the old energy that maybe keeping us stuck and stagnant, and to make space for the new.